Vincent Rivoirard is Professor, University Paris Dauphine, France, since 2010, and he was Associate Professor at University of Orsay (2003-2010). Graduated at ENS Cachan, he obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics at University Paris Diderot (supervisor: Dominique Picard). His research areas include high-dimensional statistics, non-parametric estimation, inverse problems, frequentist and Bayesian approaches, wavelets and approximation theory, multivariate point processes.

Franck Picard is CNRS Research Director since 2016. Graduated at AgroParisTech, he did his PhD in Statistics applied to genomic data, University Orsay (supervisors: J.-J. Daudin, S. Robin). He developed segmentation models for univariate and multivariate series applied to the mapping of genomic copy number variations. He also developed probabilistic models for random graphs based on mixture models, variational inference and model selection. Recent projects involve high dimensional statistics with regularization and selection based on generalized lasso penalties, and wavelet-based non parametric regression. He is currently heading the High dimensional statistics for Genomics group in the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Lab, Lyon.

Tristan Mary-Huard spent 6 years as an assistant professor at AgroParisTech, after graduating with PhD in statistics applied to genomics. He is now full researcher at INRA, both in the Mathematics and Plant Genetics departments. His research areas include model selection and variable selection in classification and regression with applications to human and plant genomics, and the development of statistical approaches for data analysis in plant genetics.